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Committed to supporting business owners and founders in the underserved lower-middle market

Selling a Company

Selling your company is a complex process that you might only go through once in a lifetime. Understanding your values, potential fit, and the very best sell strategy are the first steps to achieve the best price and terms at the end of the path. 

You (and your company) deserve to get support from the real experts. We are committed to accompany and advise you through the sale process and greatly increase the likelihood of selling your company at the optimum price.


Strategic Process

Evaluate bids and terms

Management meetings

Identify Growth Strategies and Sucess Paths

Prepare Pitch Deck, Executive Summary and Confidential Information Memorandum

Prepare standard NDA

Post No Name Summary to M&A Portals

Email and Telephone Marketing campaign

Host intro calls with the CEO and investors

Push for IOIs

Push for LOls

Support Negotiations and final due diligence

Close deal


Company Valuation

Before selling your company we need to understand its value. Many company owners think they know how much their company is worth but, actually, they are taking serious risks undervaluing their largest asset.

Maximizing your company’s value is the main objective. Therefore, a well thought out valuation including fact-based arguments is fundamental for your transaction.


Strategy Development

We work with you on developing and implementing growth strategies to successfully bring the future to your company and take it to the next level. Create unique value and grow your business with personalized strategic planning.