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Victor Koosh is the Managing Director of Frontliner Partners. He has strong skills and knowledge in strategy development, strategic planning, and company valuation, and focuses on sell-side transactions.
Victor is an Angel Investor, Start-up Mentor & Advisor, and M&A Advisor. Currently, he serves as Advisor for GroupRaise, Elevation Ventures, Synapse, Kanthaka, and Progresando.
Previously, Victor served as CEO of Caesar Systems-PetroVR which was sold to Aucerna. He also co-founded and served as CEO of Meedio, LLC., a premier provider of digital lifestyle software that was sold to Yahoo! in 2006.
His expertise working on the technology and software industry for more than 20 years gave him a unique perspective on the needs and demands of these companies.
Victor aims for simplicity and leverages teamwork to integrate multiple points of view that illuminate opportunities. He speaks Russian, Spanish, and German.
Victor was honored with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award, the Centurion Award and the Silver Beaver. He is Chairman of the board for Native American Jump Start and serves on the Advisory Board of the Sam Houston Area Council of the BSA. 
He was educated in Business Administration at the University of Houston.


At Frontliner Partners, we assist our clients on the marketing and negotiation frontline, where we are truly needed. We know what is important, that's why we provide support during the entire marketing and negotiation process.

When working with our clients, we design our own M&A strategy, which is focused on finding the perfect buyer for your company when you're the seller, and the proper company to acquire when you're the buyer..


Value Fit

Our main goal is to achieve the best connection between buyers and sellers. We focus our expertise and efforts on obtaining excellent results for our clients. 


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