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Project BrightLine

Acquisition Opportunity

Business consulting & Technology solutions


Established Digital Transformation Consultancy
Revenue $14M – 2019, on track for $18M in 2020
CAGR 31% since 2017
Average Expansion Revenue 2018-19 450%
Negative Net Revenue Churn
Low Customer Concentration

Simple Cap Table, Super Majority by 2 shareholders
43 Employees, 50 contractors

Business Overview

Project BrightLine ( "the company" or "BrightLine") is an LLC primarily owned by three individuals. The company was carved out of another business in 2012 as a Digital Transformation Consultancy headquartered in the United States and offers its customers services and support nationally.

BrightLine provides technology services to the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry, State and Local governments (SLG), Utilities, Logistics, and Manufacturing industries. With a high degree of specialization in O&G and SLG, The company has established itself uniquely in these markets. Furthermore, with services offerings in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Project BrightLine provides holistic solutions catering to every aspect of the business in these industries.

BrightLine’s areas of expertise in the O&G industry include Well Lifecycle Management, Operational Well Portal, Rig Scheduling, Facilities Management, Land Management, Field Data Collection, and Production Accounting among others. On the other hand, the company’s areas of expertise in SLG include Inspections, Permitting and Compliance, Land Management, Surveys, Flood Zone Management, and other high-end solution services. 

Given the specialization of service offerings and untapped opportunities in a large and established customer base, BrightLine wishes to attract a strategic partner to enable continued rapid growth through expansion of services into the current client base as well as through geographic expansion.

Value Proposition

Deep Expertise in Oil & Gas and State/Local Government industries
Services targeted towards the mid-market ($500M - $10B)
Recurring revenue streams through Managed Services and Staffing
Counter-Cyclical industry mix to foster revenue stability
Balance of Project & Staffing work to maximize value and minimize risk
Specialized service offerings amongst a diverse portfolio
Long term relationships with Customers and Employees

Growth potential

Tremendous Expansion Revenue opportunities in current clients

Access to massive data for optimization opportunities through Machine Learning

Expanding into Healthcare

Attractive geographical expansion opportunities (spatial data consumer markets)

Management team experienced in selling these services nationwide

GIS widget market is growing very rapidly (six in our current portfolio)

Margin increase opportunity through operational efficiencies

GIS Market Overview

Global geospatial analytics market forecast 2020 - 2028

Market by Region

Map of market by region
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Market Share by Technology

Market Share by Types

Technology Specializations


Client Distribution

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Financials Summary

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Thanks for your interest in 
Project BrightLine

To move forward in the sales process, please e-sign the NDA to gain access to the Confidential Information Memorandum.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Frontliner Partners.

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